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Online and in person

Whether you struggle to manage through the day or you find that time is never enough; you find yourself not being able to get up from the couch, or you find it difficult to share your thoughts and feelings; you feel that the people you have around you can not understand what you're going through or if you find it difficult to enjoy your life, there is no reason to feel bad.

You are NOT alone!

Read below and give yourself the opportunity to aim towards leading a more satisfying life.

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Individual therapy
for teenagers and adults

If you are an Adult or  Teenager and you face issues like anxiety, depression, fears, shame, guilt, loss, stress, phobias, if you are not satisfied with your eating habits, if you deal with addiction, if you face issues with your relationships (social, personal or in your work/school environment), then, together we can find a way to deal with those difficulties through active listening, deep empathic understanding and constructive dialogue.


Couples therapy

Couples do not have it easy.

Very often, they are affected by today's challenges and everyday struggles.

  It takes a lot of work to make a relationship work.

It is understandable that sometimes a couple might need some assistance to re-evaluate their relationship, whether or not they are walking on the same path or whether they have lost each other along the way.

We can talk about all the above and many more in a safe therapeutic environment. 

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Family counselling and guidance

The modern family may face various challenges and difficulties.

Lack of communication between the parents and the children, issues between siblings, divorce, separation, school, children who might face developmental issues and many more.

It might get difficult at times.

A qualified psychotherapist can help so as to find ways and possible solutions to tackle these challenges.

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